Who we are….

Giesbrecht Consulting Ltd. is a Manitoba owned information technology provider. Although growth is important in any business, our goal at GCL is not to be the biggest IT provider but rather the best! Our focus is to provide our clients with top quality services at reasonable rates.

There are several methods that GCL employs to ensure we provide our clients with the best possible services. The most important is that we value integrity above all else. Integrity alone will not win every contract, however, it instills pride in the people that work for GCL and the clients are never left guessing at the quality of service that they are receiving.

GCL has also formed strong business alliances with some of Manitoba’s best IT professionals. This provides GCL and their clients with a wide range of resources to draw upon when required. By working closely with these individuals and businesses, GCL continues to grow stronger and better!